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Mississippi Reflections 2017

Bigger City

featuring paintings by Jeanne Ross

2017 was the year of the bigger canvas. I started painting on larger canvas at the end of 2017. Instead of 16" x 20" panels, I tried an 18" x 20" panel and liked it so much I tried a 24" x 36" canvas. So naturally, in 2017 I decided to paint x scenes on 24" x 36" canvas. on 24" x 36" canvas.
In addition, 2017 was the year I had a showing at City House, near Shepard Road and Eagle Parkway (Old Chestnut). Two of the Bigger City series were painted at City House.
Father - Menshek Family Portrait

October 9, 2023

New Painting
Father - Menshek Family Portrait
Bigger City 2017 Collection Note Cards

Set of six note cards with envelopes in a beautiful folder that ties with a ribbon. This set features oil paintings done outdoors in 2017 in a "Bigger" 24" x 36" size by Jeanne Ross

Bigger City 2017 Collection Note Cards
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